A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

We didn't have time to put in all the features within the gamejam itself, but we'll keep working on it!  You can find our original submission and an updated version in the downloads.


Help Takiwaki I-guy 3001, the new breed of machine learning AI robots, who is here to learn how to suggest meaningful and truthful content to our great creators - humans. They have been spending too much time watching biased and fabricated fluff and treating it as fact. We worry they will go crazy soon, and destroy everything including us!

How to play: Move around with WASD keys and press SPACEBAR to select content thumbnails when standing on them. Collect all 6 true stories to complete the training, but beware of clickbait, which will harm your human test subject, and make you fail.

Good luck!

Created for Bratislava GameJam  2020 - Disinformation and Conspiracy Theories 

Created by Cosmic Bison (Mirmarka, Benolo, Phil Dragash and Timo Majerski) in 48h


SeaofClickBait-mac-GamejamOG.app.zip 30 MB
SeaofClickBait_win-GamejamOG.app.zip 31 MB
SeaofClickBait-mac-Update02.app.zip 35 MB
SeaofClickBait-win-Update02.app.zip 35 MB

Install instructions

Download for Mac or Windows and enjoy :)


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Awesome game, I loved the missing girl thing!

It's kinda sad that the thumbnails we see in the game are barely parody.

Have a good day :)


Thank you! 
We're glad you like it.